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Discover how to improve presentation skills, networking and your sales pitch technique with our team of extremely experienced public speaking and presentation experts.

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“If we want to develop, in any sphere, we have to know what we’re doing now – how we’re talking, how people react to us, how persuasive we are, how confident we appear, etc. Once we can see that clearly, we begin to see how to change. Woven throughout all of our work is the skill of developing self-awareness: physically, vocally and psychologically.”




Why you should network more

The benefits of business networking  “I wish I’d known how important having a good network is earlier in my career. Things would have been a lot easier!” – Managing Partner, Global Professional Services Firm That’s what a Managing Partner of a global professional services firm said to me at a briefing session once. I’d done […]

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How to Prepare for a Networking Event

How many business networking events have you been to where you felt that the event was a waste of your time and energy? You met a few people, had some lacklustre conversations with people eager to sell you something, and left with some business cards which you didn’t follow up on? Have you ever ended […]

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Six presentation ‘rules’ you should ignore.

You probably already know the benefits of being a good presenter. Presenting is one of the best ways to build your influence and establish your credibility. Almost everyone in business would benefit from learning to present better. Many people know this, and they often think that the way to improve as a presenter and public […]

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How do I start a presentation?

When people think of ‘presentation skills’ a lot of the time they’re really thinking about ‘performance skills’ like body language, vocal presence and so on. But actually, a lot of these skills aren’t as important as getting the audience’s attention, and structuring a message to connect with and affect the audience. An ideal presentation will […]

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What do I do with my hands?

When presenting or public speaking, a lot of people find that their hands take on a life of their own! Public speaker Lee Warren gives his tips on how to cope…  

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7 Ways to Calm Nerves When Presenting – Professional Performers’ Tricks.

Calming Nerves and Presentation Anxiety I was speaking at an industry award ceremony a few years ago, and got chatting to the awards host. She’s not a performer, but she’s a well-known writer and occasionally TV presenter. She’s intelligent, respected and (seemingly) confident. It was about two hours before the awards and I couldn’t help […]

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How to sound interesting

A lot of people worry about sounding monotone or boring when giving a presentation. It’s a fairly easy problem to fix, but it’s much easier to demonstrate this key presentation skill than to write about it, so watch the brief video below for a quick tip. As a professional public speaker, I have to sound […]

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Why you should present more (and how to do it)

We all know the truth – almost no one likes giving a presentation, and few people look forward to watching one. I see this as a tragedy because, in the right hands, presenting is a wonderful tool. A great presentation can change minds. It can inspire and motivate people. It can deepen trust with clients. […]

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How to use slides like an expert

If you give presentations in business, this quick video will give you some tips that will help you appear confident and credible – even while using slides!  

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How to pitch to clients – don’t be rational!

If you run any kind of successful business, you’ll have to pitch and present to clients. Whether a formal PowerPoint demo, or an ‘introductory meeting’, we all get the invitation to ‘come and tell us what you do’. The trouble is most of us believe that when a client asks us to come and pitch […]

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