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“If we want to develop, in any sphere, we have to know what we’re doing now – how we’re talking, how people react to us, how persuasive we are, how confident we appear, etc. Once we can see that clearly, we begin to see how to change. Woven throughout all of our work is the skill of developing self-awareness: physically, vocally and psychologically.”




Negotiation – Strategy or tactics?

One of the most important distinctions I ask people to make early on in negotiation training is that between strategy and tactics. I spend a lot of time helping people to see the distinction clearly, since so much of your communication, whether in person or in writing will be influenced by whether you are thinking […]

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What do you want?

There’s a failure that occurs in almost every presentation that you, or I, have seen. It’s a failure that you have almost certainly been guilty of, and it’s a failure that lies at the heart of why so many presentations fail to get results. Or at least they do get a result – but usually […]

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