On this page, you’ll find a summary of our most popular sessions. Most can be run as seminars, workshops or training sessions.

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Grown-ups Don't Use PowerPoint

Presenting is an essential business skill, and you are expected to be good at it. If you need to learn how to structure and deliver compelling presentations quickly, this is for you. You'll learn how to focus on the message and how to deliver it with impact to the audience.

Life's a Pitch

If you sell your services or products through client presentations and pitches, this is the session for you. At the end of this session, you'll be able to structure and deliver an unforgettable pitch which connects emotionally with the client, and leaves the competition crying in front of their slides.

I Hate Networking!

In this interactive seminar you'll learn, and practise, the skills of the world's best networkers. From 'working the room' tips like how to remember people's names, how to leave conversations politely and how to hold interesting conversations, through to building a networking strategy and how to stay in contact after the event, we cover everything you need to know to be a confident and effective networker.

The Word of Mouth Business

Word of mouth business is far more important than most people realise. Clients who come through word of mouth are keen to work with you, they trust you, they already have a budget and are pre-qualified. Often, they're easier to deal with and likely to be more loyal. It costs very little to meet them, and they're more likely to refer you in turn. In this session, you'll learn why every business should focus more on this model of growth and how to do it with little or no marketing spend. You'll be able to create a 'word of mouth strategy' that every one can use for new business development, and you'll be thinking that you should have done it years ago!

The Customer-Centric Company.

Customers today are more connected, work faster, have more power and expect more than ever before. Learning to understand and exceed modern customer expectations is a challenge all companies have to face. This session will help you do that. It’s fun, thought-provoking and and there is a clear outcome - to help you understand your customers better (both internal and external) and to be able to engage them well in ways that build trust and create long-term relationships that work well for everyone.

How to Persuade Anyone To Do Anything (Well, Almost!)

In business, you have to be persuasive if you want to succeed at any level. During this interactive seminar Lee Warren fuses magic, business psychology and showbiz to create a ‘business cabaret’ event. You will learn the secret skills used by magicians and mind-readers to persuade and influence people. The seminar is light-hearted in tone, but with a focus on how to use these fascinating skills ethically in business situations, and communicate more persuasively with clients and colleagues. This is a ‘hands-on’ session, and everyone will get the chance to try out some of the new techniques immediately! This seminar is perfect for anyone who deals face-to-face with clients and colleagues and wants to be more influential and persuasive.