Why you should network more

The benefits of business networking

 “I wish I’d known how important having a good network is earlier in my career. Things would have been a lot easier!” – Managing Partner, Global Professional Services Firm
That’s what a Managing Partner of a global professional services firm said to me at a briefing session once. I’d done some work with him on his larger presentations and he’d asked me if I could work with managers and consultants to improve their networking. He knew how important networking is, and he wanted his whole firm to know it.

Everything you want to achieve is made easier by having a good network.

But too many people (like the managing partner, above) wait until they need a network to start building one. Don’t be that person – build your network before you need it.
I’ve found that a lot of people underestimate how important networking is. Do you assume that your technical skills or expertise are enough, alone, to get you noticed? Do you believe that the strength of your idea means that it will get funded? Of course not. (Or I hope not!). We all know that we need to get other people involved in our projects, dreams and schemes if they’re going to happen . Here’s a quick list to remind you of the value of networking to you, and to the people you meet.
    It’s an excellent way to raise your profile and build your brand and reputation
    It helps you to become ‘known for something’ (both with clients and internally)
    You can increase your influence
   You can help others more easily
    Networking gives you access to new information, advice, and ideas
    You can gain access to new opportunities and roles
    It’s a great way of gaining, and building, credibility
    You can get answers to, and opinions on, current work problems and challenges
    You can quickly identify quality sales opportunities
    It’s a great way to build client relationships
    It can be a source of referrals
    When you get it right, it’s great fun and builds genuine friendships!
Sounds good, doesn’t it? Reminding yourself of the benefits of networking can give you confidence and the energy to get out and network, so now it’s over to you.
Do add any benefits that you’ve experienced below…

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